Imagine having consistent sales and steady income!

I know! It can be really hard to imagine especially when you are so used to working hard, spinning your wheels, doing everything you know how to do, with the same underwhelming results month after month.

It's devastating! You have the expertise, the passion, the will, the drive, and there are other people out there who are far less qualified than you who are earning far more than you. You are worn out, frustrated, exhausted, and it's hard to believe it's going to change. But it can.

If you’re struggling with feast and famine months here’s why:

Too many amazing high level experts are being taught out-dated and sleazy sales strategies and tactics that are one size fits all…

Maybe you’ve been told to grow your list, grow your audience, nurture your community before you have earned the right to sell, make offers and make money??


They’re crazy!!


The reality is that 66% of business owners are personally responsible for at least 3 of the following areas: operations, finance, Human Resources, customer service, product development, tech, sales or marketing!


Is it any wonder you’re running around feeling overwhelmed and not quite sure which way is your right way?

66% of business owners say their #1 concern is finding new customers. Without paying customers you won’t be in business for very long. I’m sure you’re realizing this too. 


Did you know that 82% of businesses that do fail are because of cash flow problems

The #1 reason why businesses fail is due to lack of profitability.


​The #1 driver of profit??


You guessed it >>>> SALES!

51.3% of entrepreneurs and small business owners know that driving sales is their top priority.

lemme guess…

You didn’t get into your business to become a salesperson. If you’re anything like me, you hate the idea that you have to sell in order to be successful and thrive in your business. In fact, you even resist using the word sales when people ask you what you do!


If you’re here, it’s because you’ve realized in order to start having a real business…In order to make money, create impact, and remain your own Boss, then you no longer can get by without knowing how to sell.


One that actually makes money and impact and can pay you so you don’t have to drag your butt back to corporate and your J-O-B, you need to know how to sell


Otherwise you just have a hobby

I never intended to be in sales…


Like you might be realizing right now, I realized the job I got straight out of college was actually a sales job in disguise! and I had no option to quit. {I needed to sell!} But I realized selling is a skill I could learn. Which I eventually did learn, then mastered with daily practice.


Everything changed for me when it all started to click! I realized that learning to sell and truly master the sales game helps me to help more people while creating money on demand.


After helping hundreds of business owners just like you here’s what I realized…

    • Passion is not enough.

      You might be an expert in what you do, but running a business requires you to have critical skills, starting with SALES so you can make money and stop wondering where your next client is going to come from.  


      It gives you the ability to actually breathe! Of not being afraid to look at your bank account simply because you know it’s another month of zero or worse, being overdrawn!

    • Marketing is NOT the same thing as sales.

      Too often my clients come to me exhausted! Creating content after content, they’re on a virtual hamster wheel of creation that’s getting them nowhere!


      Maybe you’re doing the same? You’re highly visible, but it’s not translating into profit and worse, the time you’re using to create is draining your ability to find and connect with real life potential clients waiting for your expertise!

    • Comprehensive business programs are overwhelming!

      Instead of helping you with a roadmap, these all in one programs (I did one too!) can leave you with your head spinning and so many steps to follow that you want to break down and cry.


      Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve already been there, done that??


    Buckle up buttercup, I’m here to tell you, it’s totally possible!

    One of my clients came to me after she’d made a large investment in a super meaty, business in a box group program.


    It was great, until it wasn’t.


    With no paying clients, a bunch of disconnected parts of her business and no idea what to do next, she asked for my help.

    • We got her super clear on her irresistible offer.

    • Focused on her money making niche.

    • Got her marketing to do the heavy lifting to support her simple sales strategy.

    The result??


    She’s been able to make money every single month since we started working together! This is after struggling for over a year!


    What happened to her can happen for you.

    You see, with a plan…


    A blueprint for your sales success.


    Knowing what stage of business you’re in and what to do.


    Being able to have access not only to the information, but also the support to implement is the difference between continuing to struggle and consistent sales success!

    It’s exactly what I’ve mapped out in my 5 stages to growing & scaling your business sales.

    Sales and business are about doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way...for you!

    When you figure this out, everything clicks into place.


    Things feel easy, instead of sleazy, and clients magically appear almost out of thin air. In fact, most of my clients realize their potential clients have been hiding in plain sight!


    You’re no longer afraid of looking at your bank account because you know exactly what to do to create those consistent 5 figure + months!


    In fact having access to an expert mentor is exactly why my client Amy loved about getting sales support.

    Before talking to Susan, I didn't know what to expect especially since I made up my mind that sales is scary. Talking through my fears with her, I immediately knew that she knew her stuff. Not only did she give me advice that put me at ease, but she intuitively knew what type of sales script would fit best with my style. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to be taught by the best.



    Since working 1:1 with Susan I have NO fear- absolutely NO fear around the sales call!! I feel like I now know how to attract my ideal client and how to do these things that were a mystery before. In just 2 short weeks I turned a huge corner in my sales mindset. Now I can create calls ON DEMAND, know exactly who I want to work with and confidently handle objections with ease. 


    I went from 5 discovery calls in 4 months with 1 paying client to 5 paying clients and 12 discovery calls last WEEK. I recommend Susan to everyone who wants to build and grow a business they LOVE.

    Introducing Sales Mastery Society


    If you’re ready to say buy-bye to those roller coaster money months…


    Instead you’re following your very own business success blueprint with not only the what, but also the how to get all the sales you want.


    Come and join us:

    • Private community of other like-minded ambitious & committed business owners who are experts focused on becoming true leaders and creating big impact AND income (value ~$500)

    • Monthly training specifically designed to help you grow & scale your business available in a private member’s portal for easy access (value $500)

    • Access to your digital library with extensive training so you can move through the 5 stages of business and build your success blueprint! (Value $1000)

    • Regular live Q&A calls for members so you can get live support and access to help when you need it (value $3000)

    • Special welcome gift from me to you! (yess!)

    • Special pricing on all Susan McVea Consulting Inc. products and services to thank you for your loyalty & continued business (oh.em.gee!)




    • Money momentum training so you can hit the ground running with your own specific money track so you can start making money, honey! And stop struggling to see those cha-ching notifications! (value $297)

    • Strategic Business Planning Workshop because you know that without a vision, you can’t have a plan > without a plan, you have a dream with no action! Finally understand exactly what it will take to make your 5 figure+ months a consistent reality! (value $97)

    • Nail Your Niche workbook so you can finally nail your niche and help people truly understand what the heck you do! The riches are in the niches and you’ll understand exactly why that is in this quick workbook to get you clear on your special sauce! (value $97)

    • Create Your Irresistible Offer course: my signature course to creating drool worthy offers that get your peeps to say “I WANT that!!” so you’re never again launching to crickets, or worse yet, spending time creating something that no one wants to buy! (value $997)

    • Launch Strategies program so you learn exactly which strategy suits your personality and business model best without tech frustration or getting overwhelmed with #allthethings (VALUE $297)



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    Not sure if this is the right place for you?


    Here’s what our community is all about, because I can surely teach you how to sell and run your business with more ease, but Sales Mastery Society is more than strategy and tactics, it’s our work family.


    Society members believe:

      • Selling is Serving, always! You have a heart of service

      • Courageous leadership

      • Taking bold & decisive action

      • Acting in full integrity

      • Taking ownership and personal responsibility for what you say and do

      • Executing with excellence not focusing on perfection

      • Family comes first

      • Faith forward

      • Lead by example